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Building your brand

A brand is not just a logo, an icon, or a name. A brand is the cumulative synergy of all elements that make up the brand; the heritage, culture, products, solutions and most importantly, the people.

How a brand communicates and engages with its staff, customers, competitors and the media plays a vital role in the growth, dominance and equity of the brand.

Besides the importance of a clear vision, entrenched values and positioning your brand as a purpose-driven employee brand, the one key fundamental we practice with all the brands we partner with is consistency.

Consistency develops top of mind awareness

We want our businesses to be the first thing our customers think about when they require a product or service. This will be hard to achieve if we don’t have a tight, consistent brand identity.

Consistency builds confidence, legitimacy & credibility

A consistent brand image builds confidence & sends out a consistent message at all times. Consistency builds uniformity, togetherness & stability.

Consistency builds and strengthens relationships

Customers build relationships over time – it is imperative to ensure your brand remains consistent in order to build strong, long lasting relationships.

Don’t leave your brand open to a variety of interpretations and customisations. As we navigate through the most disruptive period in modern times, your brand should build awareness and develop trust and loyalty and ultimately brand affinity with all key stakeholders.

A constantly changing brand personality just doesn’t do the job. That’s why it’s so important to develop standards for brand consistency, on and off-line. Every interaction your customers have with your brand should embody your brand’s promises and values, dependably and understandably:

i: Develop brand guidelines
ii: Pay attention to internal branding and corporate culture
iii: Approach content with brand consistency in mind


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