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It’s often said that life is not about the destination, but the journey. It’s the same with marketing…

When it comes to helping others, it’s easy to fall into the trap of enabling rather than truly assisting them. This was a lesson that my grandfather learned early on in his life, and one that he passed down to me.

My grandfather lived in a farming area, close to the Lesotho mountains, and he often came across people on the road who needed help. However, he had a rule that he stuck to rigorously: he would only give a lift to someone who was already walking in the direction they needed to go.

At first glance, this rule may seem harsh or unkind. However, my grandfather had a wise reason for it. He believed that by giving a ride to someone who wasn’t willing to start their own journey, he was only enabling them and not truly helping them in the long run.

My grandfather wanted to teach the value of hard work and determination. He understood that life is a journey and that we all have to take the first step to reach our destination. He believed that by helping those who were already on their way, he was encouraging them to continue on their path and to never give up.

This is a valuable lesson that we can all learn from. It’s easy to want to do everything for others, but sometimes the best way to help is to simply be there to support and encourage them as they take the first steps on their own journey.

When it comes to marketing, the principle of walking in the right direction is just as important.

A marketing strategy that enables the customer instead of truly helping them will not be successful in the long run. For example, instead of simply trying to sell a product or service, a successful marketing campaign should educate and empower the customer to make informed decisions.

By providing valuable information and resources, the customer will be better equipped to evaluate whether the product or service is right for them, and will be more likely to make a purchase.

In addition, a successful marketing strategy should focus on building relationships with customers, rather than just making one-time sales.

By connecting with customers on an emotional level, and providing ongoing support and education, a business can create loyal customers who will continue to support the brand over the long term.

Just as my grandfather’s rule of only giving rides to those who were already on their way helped to encourage hard work and determination, a marketing strategy that truly helps and empowers the customer, will ultimately lead to more success and satisfaction for both the business and the customer.

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