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Building your reputation, relationships and revenue

Technology has changed everything. Communication now takes place digitally, more than face to face. Traditional methods of marketing have become ineffective as consumers can easily filter and tune out sales and marketing messages. Instead, using content to elevate your business information that is important to consumers, is sought after on their terms and more reliance is placed on peers and community input in decision making.

This means that marketers can no longer repeat the tactics that were successful in the past, but must rather adopt new marketing methods using a content strategy that is able to reach and engage customers in this new era of socially-connected consumers and buyers.

At the core of this new marketing dynamic is building the right content strategy that connects you to your customers and audience. Marketers are now publishers, whether they want to be or not. Effective content is information decision-makers cannot get within their own organisations. It is new and important information that establishes clear links back to the particular supplier’s advantages and value proposition.

Much of your marketing success depends on building a viable marketing and content strategy that aligns your business objectives to your target audiences’ needs. A good content marketing plan will help you generate more targeted traffic from search and social media, build trust and credibility with visitors, strengthen existing customer relationships and drive quality leads and sales.

So how do you engage with potential buyers earlier on in their purchase decision journey?

Casting the content net wide

  • Clearly map out your customer journey roadmap.
  • Identify each customer touchpoint along the roadmap.
  • Listen, learn and provide relevant, insightful and informative content at each point of contact to assist in a seamless purchase decision process.
  • Create once and publish everywhere.

Game-changing content

To increase the likelihood of a purchase, published content must lead customers to value areas of competitive differentiation.

Cut through the clutter

Your content needs to stand out from the bombardment of information available:

  • It needs to be targeted directly to the needs and requirements of customers.
  • It needs to be written in a way that is easy to read and understand.
  • It needs to be credible, helping people understand and pressure test the idea.
  • It needs to be clear, linking back to a central, single fundamental idea that is aligned to your organisation’s strategy and solution offering.
  • It needs to be concrete, meaningful and tangible to the targeted audience.
  • It needs to be personally impactful and insightful, equipping business owners with the information they need to strive for longevity.
  • In times of crisis, be human. Move from commercial messages to messages of inspiration, hope and encouragement.

Benefits of content marketing

A great content marketing strategy primarily involves creating high-quality content and giving it away in order to connect with and nurture a loyal audience that will trust you and buy your product. Content marketing is an excellent investment for any business, big or small.

  1. Build trust and strengthen customer relations.
  2. Increase brand recall.
  3. Improve SEO.
  4. Increase web traffic.
  5. Keep your website updated and relevant.
  6. Attract potential customers.
  7. Move prospects seamlessly through the sales funnel.
  8. Establish authority within your industry.
  9. Rise above the competition and position yourself as the business of choice.
  10. Increase ROI.


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