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If you think LinkedIn is just another social media platform, think again…

One of the content services we offer at The Creative Café is that of the compilation of thought-leadership pieces – articles and blog posts, written in collaboration with our clients, that showcase what sets them apart from their peers; the experiences, perspectives and thinking that informs their decisions and influences the products and solutions they offer.

It’s the sharing of these insights that helps build a person’s credibility, trust in their services, an engaged audience and, by extension, a loyal brand following.

LinkedIn plays a huge role from a business-to-business point of view. You can trust that the profiles of individuals there are highly accurate in terms of their work history and experience. This makes it a great marketing tool, as you can target a particular audience, in a particular industry, within a particular geographical area, and more.

That’s the power of LinkedIn – it’s accuracy from a profiling point of view.

That’s also why your LinkedIn profile should have enough content to answer any questions, solidify a reputation and/or build credibility around yourself and the organisation you lead or represent.

Having an active and well put together LinkedIn profile will significantly increase the chances of your discovery by others, keen on tapping into what you do and know.

For people in senior management positions especially, we have found that thought-leadership pieces are crucial to their LinkedIn presence. These articles needn’t be too long or overly technical, but rather easy to read while still being relevant and informative. This then helps set the bar for others within the organisation to do exactly the same – write their own articles about solutions within their own divisions and operations, from their own standpoint and level of expertise.

We help clients generate thought-leadership articles over a period of time, covering subjects that align with their roles, opinions and solution offerings – articles that we post on LinkedIn and later publish across other platforms and include on their company websites.

If you ask us, LinkedIn is the ‘sage’ of social media. Let it act as a validator for you as you share your own wealth of wisdom.