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To market or not to market – that is the question…

With the current global crisis causing such mixed emotions, many businesses are asking if they should continue to post on social media. And if so, what?
It’s difficult to gauge the right way to respond in such unchartered territory, but we believe that now is a vital time to utilise digital channels, including social media, to facilitate a conversation with your clients, community, team members and prospects.
Should brands then continue as before or change their strategy and approach?
Marketing trends have shown that today’s social media is more sales than social. So how do we, during such a sensitive time, take care not to position ourselves as opportunistic yet still remain relevant, top-of-mind and, most importantly, sustainable without driving sales and services?

Here are 5 marketing tips to help ensure your brand survives and thrives during times of uncertainty:

Lean into social

This really is a time to use social media the way it was always intended – to build relationships. Encourage two-way-conversations. Stop telling and start listening. Use this time to get to know your community on a deeper level. What are their needs and their experience of your brand up to this point?

Use content to serve

In any crisis, some will always be more affected than others. So come from a place of service. Drive thought leadership and publish information that is relative, informative, educational, empowering and value-adding. Be human. Move from commercial messages to messages of inspiration, hope and encouragement. Equip business owners with the information they need to strive for longevity.

Be helpful

How brands deal with this crisis now, may shape consumer sentimentality going forward. As marketers, those who are incredibly sensitive to the emotional state of others, can use this time to build communities and foster deeper relationships with customers, peers and even competitors. Look for cooperative and collaborative opportunities. Look for ways to be of use.

Leverage video to stay connected

Lockdown and social distancing has forced people to transact more online than ever before and video is by far the most engaging digital channel. Video assists brands in telling a memorable story. It touches consumers on an emotional level, building trust, credibility and brand affinity. Post more live videos to share what’s going on now, behind the scenes of your brand. Create inspirational, uplifting video content that reinforces the values and culture of your business. Develop motion graphics and infographics to reinforce your messaging and educate customers on new business procedures.

Reinforce consistency and stability

Yes, we’re in a time of uncertainty; a period that will be taught in history classes long into the future. Businesses that adapt to change, embrace the challenges and look for opportunities, while still reinforcing stability and sustainability, are the ones that will survive and prosper.


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