Altron Bytes Managed Solutions


April 2020

Altron Bytes Managed Solutions, a subsidiary of Altron, provides enterprise-wide, end-to-end technology solutions and related services to the financial, retail and end-user computing market segments.

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The brief was to create a video that showcased Altron BMS’s solutions and services that help simplify daily life in a connected digital world – paying specific attention to retail, banking, advertising and the technology that Altron BMS offers within these sectors to deliver a seamless customer experience.


Our solution was to tell the story of a day in the life of a married couple, encompassing all the ways that technology impacts them – from shopping and banking, to online purchasing and other applications, using multiple devices across several different platforms – all to illustrate how much simpler technology can make the customer journey, allowing people to focus on the things that matter most.

Our set extension/VFX reel breaks down the components making up the final set sequence. We utilised green screen in most of the shots to have full control of the surrounding environment, giving us the flexibility to achieve the final result we were looking for. With the use of post visual effects, screen replacements and colour grade, we could create consistency in the look and feel throughout the storyline, creating a surreal digital world.

The end result was a combination of storytelling, together with the seamless insertion of Altron BMS’s solutions and services.

Slide from left to right to see comparison

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