GD10 Multipurpose Cleaner


June 2019

As a company, Quality Goods is committed to bringing to market products of the highest quality, all at affordable prices. They deal in excellence, in pedigree and only the very best standards. They also offer the promise of value for money and unrivalled customer satisfaction. People. Planet. Purpose. This is Quality Goods.


Our objective was, firstly, to update the existing Quality Goods website, which was in need of a refresh in terms of look and feel, content and ease of navigation. We also needed to bring the company’s promise of quality and pedigree into better focus. We were then tasked to create awareness around GD10, a multi-purpose cleaner that forms the basis of the Quality Goods product offering. We needed to assist in positioning it as ‘the multi-purpose cleaner that does it all’ within the market, thus bringing about the greatest possible success in exposing both brand and product.


One of our main goals was to generate eye-catching collateral with direct and catchy messaging, targeted at the correct audience (specifically homeowners), to help increase the possibility that a consumer’s first interaction with the product would not necessarily happen while walking down the aisle of a store flooded with choice and the distraction of many, more established competitors. So, through clear branding and multiple means of communication about GD10, most of which took the form of social media messaging, with a focus on consistent and professional looking collateral including video and infographics explaining its benefits, its uses, its various dilution ratios, as well as where to find it on-shelf, we were able to grow a substantial and attentive audience for the product – backed by a professional, informative and user-friendly website.