Brand Creation

June 2020

Chirogenix is a range of healthcare supplements available exclusively through registered chiropractors. The range includes Advanced Joint Care and Marine Oil Omega 3, with a focus on bone and joint health, to help provide the body with the support, protection and mobility it needs to stay active.


We were tasked to assist the Chirogenix team with developing the necessary collateral to take their supplements to market. Each Chirogenix product is manufactured to the highest standards, using specialised pharmaceutical facilities in South Africa. The raw materials are sourced from ISO9001 validated suppliers globally. The content needed to get this stamp of quality out there, all had to be created.


From developing the Chirogenix website to designing point-of-sale solutions, posters, brochures, direct mailers and other related content about the product/s, we made sure to create a Chirogenix presence in the spaces and on the platforms that would best target the main target audience – local chiropractors and their patients. It was important to not only communicate the benefits of the supplements and educate people about the value of joint care, but also to point out that these supplements are available solely through registered chiropractic practices and/or online patient subscriptions, as both a convenience to the patient and as a value-add to each partner practitioner.