Bidvest Top Turf


November 2019

Bidvest Top Turf is the industry leader and preferred supplier of choice in the maintenance, design and installation of green assets and specialised horticultural projects within the corporate, sports and urban development environment.


Our objective was to update and bring consistency to the image and brand of Bidvest Top Turf. Through clear branding and messaging, we were tasked to develop and refresh collateral that would generate an awareness of Top Turf’s services and offerings, drawing specific attention to their IP, their projects and scale of operations that were largely unseen by both existing and potential clientele, as well as the general public.


Our solution included updating the company’s service and product brochures, in both design and content. We also refreshed their corporate stationery – from realigning the corporate letterhead and designing a new presentation folder and PowerPoint template, to printing new business cards and creating new email signatures. Lastly, we assisted with the content and design of a new print advert which both celebrated and heralded Bidvest Top Turf’s proven track record and long-time success in golf course management specifically.