Bidvest Laundry

Brand Synergy

September 2018

The Bidvest Laundry Group is part of the Bidvest Group of Companies and falls under Bidserv, which is the services division of Bidvest. The industries they service include Healthcare, Hospitality, Chemical, Food, Retail, Mining, Motoring, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and General Manufacturing. The group is essentially comprised of three enterprises: First Garment Rental, Montana Laundries and Boston Launderers. 


This project was all about finding ways to umbrella three stand-alone businesses (ieFirst Garment Rental, Montana Laundries and Boston Launderers) under one cohesive brand, namely the Bidvest Laundry Group. While the three offer totally separate and unique services, they all fall under the Bidvest parent company, so we needed to create collateral that both showcased their individuality, as well as tied them to the bigger overall picture.


From sitting down with each company head to rework service and product brochures, to realigning letterheads, business cards and company folders in accordance with the Bidvest Group CI, and filming each operation separately to compile one corporate video, as well as a newlook unified website, we gave the brand the makeover it needed and presented the individual teams with collateral they can use to promote their service offeringswhile still aligning to the Bidvest Laundry Group as a whole.