November 2019

As a company, BankservAfrica facilitates modernised transactional interoperability in Africa. With a team of innovative payments experts at the helm, they are poised to help usher in a whole new era of modern, digital payments infrastructure on the continent. They are heavily invested in the development of their staff, hence the people-focussed slant of their internal communications.


Working for BankservAfrica means becoming part of a diverse, innovative organisation with a proud history of facilitating transactional interoperability and a bright future of working towards broad financial inclusion. The people that work at BankservAfrica grow with the company and are celebrated for their contributions in much of the organisation’s messaging. We were essentially tasked to create a campaign around the company’s internal strategy for the year ahead – with the main focus being the message from the CEO that, after all BankservAfrica had already set out to do and accomplished, it was only the beginning of their strategy and the journey continues.


We brainstormed a video concept, which gave rise to the theme: “I am BankservAfrica, and we are not done yet.” We shot and edited the video, which outlined the story of how BankservAfrica enables transactional interoperability on the African continent, while also featuring real faces from within the organisation. This was unveiled at the company’s year-end function and was followed up with the creation of more eye-catching collateral, including signage, outdoor artwork, canteen plates and mugs, posters, as well as a CLA run with staff, to reinforce the messaging and motivate teams during the month of January, thereby helping to set the tone for the year.