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Our Process

It all starts with the right bean

The Bean

Like a quality espresso, what you put in is what you get out. So we never start a project by designing, oh no, we start by engaging. We ask questions, we listen, really listen and thats when our creative juices start to flow. We ensure we understand your requirements, your objectives, your business and your customers.

Then We Grind

This is where the aroma permeates the air. It’s all about conceptualisation. That creative idea, just like the kick you would normally get from your morning shot of coffee. We use all the information gathered and our understanding to work, work hard, work together to explore all the possibilities, to generate ideas and create visual experiences that exceed our clients expectations.

Then Add Water

As with any well brewed espresso, the interaction of the water with the coffee makes the experience. Thats why, throughout any project we tackle, the most essential part of our process is ‘you’. We discuss all the design options with you, whats trendy, what works and what doesn’t. So after we have developed our ideas we encourage an open and honest discussion ensuring we are on track to deliver the solution you require.

Relax & Enjoy

This is when we deliver the experience to you on time and on budget. If it’s a print job, we have some great relationships with high quality printers who will ensure a perfect finish. If your project is digital, our web design specialists will test it thoroughly before launching online, if its video, our director will ensure its award winning and if its promotional or gifting, we will ensure it delivers your message in mouth fulls.